Tonal performance in Utrecht, Holland

Album Teaser

Listen to a few of Tonal Ensemble recordings

Scarlet Pimpernel BBC Radio 4 Extracts

Bicycle Homage - Dennis Gould

Harmonies - extracts from Tonal Ensemble 10 album

Oscar and Jim Suite

Short Epic suite extracts from Tonal Ensemble 10 album

The Saturday Book Rag Extracts

Featured Artists: The Tonal Ensemble

Sarah Llewellyn, photo by Leah Llewellyn

Sarah Llewellyn, composer, musical director, performer and founder. More about Sarah

Leah Llewellyn in Ethiopia

Leah is an anthropologist, film maker, photographer and researcher. She is inspired by the relationship between performance and society and cultural influences in the arts. Leah is production manager and videographer for ReachAnother Foundation Charity.

Leah is co-founder of Tonal, many of the photographs and short films on this site are created by her. She production managed the original launch of the company and the 10 years of Tonal album ’10’ launch. She also recorded the music for Oscar and Jim and Caravan. Leah also uses original Tonal recordings in her films for The Reach Another Foundation and for Manchester City Council.

Leah’s website

Claire-Rose Barbier, photo by Leah Llewellyn

Claire and Sarah met at the circus in 2008 and have been collaborating ever since. Together they ran a successful crowd funding campaign to record the album ’10’.

Claire is a singer-songwriter and plays trumpet, guitar and piano. She is also an artist specialising in sculpture, design and installation. Claire’s website

Karen Hutt

Karen is a percussionist and co founder of Tonal, she has collaborated with Sarah on numerous projects as composer assistant and as performer. She is skilled in arrangement, orchestration and plays percussion for many orchestras and ensembles in London, across the UK and abroad. Contact Karen

Gaynor Winstanley, Photo by Leah Llewellyn

Gaynor is a lyricist and Sarah’s long term collaborator. Highlights include Hold FastTonal’s latest release, Yasmine a Musical for Giffords Circus, Kakenya’s Dream, the lullaby in the epic outdoor spectacle Zara and numerous musical theatre productions with JMU drama.

Francesca Simmons, photo by Leah Llewellyn

Francesca is a dynamic, versatile and exciting musician. She plays violin, musical saw, viola, double bass and ukulele, voice, recorder, soprano sax and keys.

Francesca is a regular performer with TONAL and is featured on many recordings and live performances. Francesca’s website