Hold Fast

It's beautiful, so warm, powerful and uplifting. I love it! I had chills listening to it and can really feel it for the film.

Adam Mcguigan

Hold Fast is a song for anyone who has been separated from loved ones or ‘called to care’ during the covid pandemic.

Inspired by interviews with NHS workers during the pandemic for a film ‘SOS’ by Wake The Beast. The lyrics reflect some of those stories.

This is a hopeful song full of love and is dedicated to people working in health and care.

Lyrics by Gaynor Winstanley

Music by Sarah Llewellyn and James Fox

Recording vocals at StoneGate Studio: Lula, Jo, Sarah, James and Gabriel



Lyrics: Gaynor Winstanley

Music: Sarah Llewellyn & James Fox

The Tonal Ensemble

Sarah Llewellyn – Piano and Vocals

James Fox – Guitars, Bass and Vocals

Francesca Simmons – Violin

Lula Williams – Accordion and Vocals

Gabriel Williams – Vocals, Bass and Recorder

David Insua-Cao – Drums and Percussion

Jo Arnold-Williams – Vocals

Recorded by Sam Parkinson at StoneGate studios

Music Production – TONAL

Cover Image by Adam Mcguigan

Following the single release of the song we plan to record a future version of this with a CNWL NHS foundation trust choir that was set up during lockdown.

The song was performed live at London’s Hammersmith Club Society in October 2021 – A charity concert for Mental Health Awareness charity MIND, featuring Emma Wilson on lead vocals with her band and some members of the CNWL trust choir.