Sarah Llewellyn

Composer & Sound Artist

About Sarah

Inventive and versatile Sarah has composed for orchestras, chamber ensembles, choirs, circus bands, vocalists and actor musicians . She also creates soundscapes, electro-acoustic work and spoken word pieces.

Some of Sarah’s musical highlights include running away with the circus, Shakespeare under the midnight sun, a giant baby and her composer in residence with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Current projects include, Mind The Gap’s climate change street show LEAVE THE LIGHT ON FOR ME, touring festivals June – Sept 22 and a A TALE OF TWO CITIES Chung Ying Theatre, spring 2023 at the Hong Kong Cultural Sector.

Sarah is represented by Kate Weston, Fillingham Weston Associates.

Sarah conducting rehearsal - War and Peace - Giffords Circus

Skilled in composition, arrangement, orchestration, music directing, sound design, music production, recording, performing, workshop leading and teaching.

Sarah also works in community outreach and with charities. Over the pandemic she wrote the song, Hold Fast with J Fox and G Winstanley for a well being NHS film by Wake The Beast, she also ran creative online workshops and worked as composer with Afrocats – a charity working with refugee and asylum seekers in Manchester, she has produced music for UK Charity Abortion Rights films and she continues to collaborate with her sister, Leah, on films for ReachAnother Foundation – a medical charity working in Ethiopia for babies with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.

Current & Recent Productions

Photo by Leah Llewellyn

Leave The Light On For Me - Tour 2022

Photo by Michelle George