Caravan exhilarating clash of cultures.. vivid colours and sounds of the east. I loved it, and the night after I saw it, I dreamt about it, too

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Sarah and band photo by Andrew Rees

Sarah first ran away with Giffords circus in 2008. As music director she arranged, composed for and performed with French Brass Band, La Fanfare Suivante.

Director Nell Gifford

Music Director Sarah Llewellyn

Choreographer and Co Director Molly Molloy

Artistic adviser and script development Jonathan Holloway

Resident band La Fanfare Suivante

Assistant musical direction Faith Elliott

The Music

Eclectic, exhilarating and evocative, the music for Caravan pays homage to the cultural richness of the Roma. A musical extravaganza encompassing the enchantments of India through a wealth of Eastern European traditions and Celtic resonance performed by, Sarah, Faith and La Fanfare Suivante.

CD album cover

Delight in the influences of the wedding bands of Romania, liberate the Gypsy in your soul and let your spirits soar with this colourful and playful score.

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The Band

Sarah Llewellyn: Music Director, Saxophone, Guitar, Percussion, Voice, Concertina
Faith Elliot: Assistant MD, Accordion, Voice, Percussion
Claire-Rose Barbier: Voice, Trumpet
Céline Biewesch: Euphonium, Percussion
Marine Class: Voice, Euphonium
Valentine Chatelet: Trumpet, voice,
Amelie Julliard: Trombone, voice
Cécile Pagès: Saxophone, Saz
Charles-Henri Fertin : Drums
Fanny Beguery : Tuba, voice

More of Sarah's work with Giffords Circus

Sarah in costume, photo by Leah Llewellyn

Music and show highlights

Listen to extracts

Musical showreel - Caravan

Ophelia extract

photo by Andrew Rees
photo by Andrew Rees