Yasmine a Musical

The sell-out 2010 Giffords Circus production ‘Yasmine a Musical’ toured around South England and Wales from May to mid September featuring a swinging new score written by Sarah Llewellyn with lyrics by Gaynor Winstanley

Conceived and produced by Nell Gifford
Direction and choreography by Molly Molloy
Musical composer & director Sarah Llewellyn
Lyrics by Gaynor Winstanley
Musical assistants Faith Elliott and Karen Hutt

Giffords Circus’ 2012 production ‘Yasmine a Musical’ featured a stunning new score realised by 12 eccentric, eclectic and exciting musicians, glorious set and costume designs and world class international circus artists. Yasmine Smart, the Grandaughter of Billy Smart appeared as herself with a breathtaking liberty three horse act.

The score for this show was inspired by and pays tribute to the swing music of the 40s, the wonderfully irreverent work of the legendary Spike Jones and his City Slickers, the harmonies of the Andrews Sisters and the scat singing style pioneered by artists such as the fabulous Ella Fitzgerald.

Above all, Yasmine Smart provided the catalyst for many of the pieces portraying snapshots of her life and work, as she became a true Queen of the Ring.

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The Band

Faith Ristic – Band Leader, Piano, Accordion, Percussion & Voice
Francesca Simmons – Violin, Double Bass & Voice
Valentine Chatelet – Trumpet & Voice
Claire Barbier – Voice & Trumpet
Will Buchanan– Drums
Jannah Warlow – Voice & Tenor Sax
Gabor Rosteen – Recorder
Celine Biewesch – Tuba & Percussion
Sam Alty – Double Bass, Guitar & Voice
Jean Goubert – Alto Sax & Ukelele
Julien David – Tenor Sax, Clarinet & Guitar
Michael Buxton – Tenor Trombone


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  • “We couldn’t help dancing in our seats…”

    ‘ The whole show is sewn together with a score which was deliciously jazzy and performed by a stupendous band of players and singers. The music was beautiful, playful and pulled you into the magic of the show. We couldn’t help dancing in our seats and it is worth noting you can buy the soundtrack.’
    Kat, Bambino Goodies

  • “or the odd bit of game transvestism…”

    ‘ Pulling everything together there’s live music from the twelve-piece band—several of whom step into the ring for a duelling banjos stand-off or the odd bit of game transvestism . . . .its very fabric, honours all the best qualities of the circus world. I’ll go back next year’
    Side Show Circus Magazine

  • ‘music was the best thing about it’

    ‘One of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen and the music was the best thing about it’
    Alex James from Blur

  • “an exceptional 12-piece ensemble”

    “…the creativity and passion poured into this production it is at first bewildering. Inside, the tiny white tent is gorgeously decorated, Lindsay Pughs exquisite outfits would make any Hollywood film costumier weep, and while most UK touring circuses have abandoned live music, Giffords has an exceptional 12-piece ensemble. Yasmine – a Musical has a fun, concert party feel – with the artists at times sporting glorious animal heads – and some thrilling acts . . . Giffords has created a dream of a show, which would be even more jewel-like after dark. ‘
    Liz Arratoon, The Stage