Leave the Light on For Me


Leave the Light on for Me is a joyous and rebellious outdoor performance that explores climate change and justice from a fresh perspective.

Produced by Mind The Gap, Commissioned by Unlimited.

Directors: Joyce Lee & Nickie Miles-Wildin

Composer & Sound Artist: Sarah Llewellyn

Designer: Maria Terry, Movement Director: Carlos Pons Guerra

The Trailer

About the Music

The electro-acoustic score combines original music, song, sound design and creative audio description. The musical themes of the characters playfully weave and develop throughout the show with soundscapes layered with recordings, spoken word and foley sfx. The lyrics and ideas for the protest song were developed during creative workshops with the core company, with contributions from the community casts and with fellow musician/ song-writer James Fox.

Sarah says...

‘It’s been fantastic to work again with Mind The Gap and to be able to explore further issues of the environment and climate crisis, something that has always been important to me since I was a child. The process of realising the music and sound has been dynamic, collaborative and one requiring a multifaceted approach. The company have infused the sound world of the piece with their energy, creativity and some great singing. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with MTG’s artist Jez Colbourne who worked as composer assistant with creative enabler Jack Yarrow. …I can’t thank them enough for all their inspired input!’

About the show

In the not-too-distant future, when eco rules are in force, two sisters work hard to keep their carbon footprint under control. When the Planet Inspectors arrive to see how they’re getting on, everything is going well until one mistake means they could be evicted… The sisters now have two options: pay up to offset their carbon footprint or successfully complete a series of eco challenges. Will the sisters get to stay or will they face eviction?

Leave the Light on For Me is a new piece of outdoor family theatre created for festivals by Mind the Gap. Made from the perspective of a professional cast of artists with learning disabilities and autism, audiences will be taken on a journey of joy, laughter, shock and surprise. Featuring creative audio description, sustainable design and a sophisticated soundscape, this physical theatre performance aims to make an overwhelming issue accessible and inspire everyone to do their part.