Begin The World Over Again

Inspiring Women and Women Who Are Inspiring. Podcast for Walk the Plank and WCLM

Inspiring Women and Women Who Are Inspiring

During covid 19 lockdown Sarah Llewellyn was commissioned by Walk the Plank and the Working Class Movement Library to create a piece for this podcast project.

The three part work features many interviews with girls and women with a connection to Salford and fascinating archive materials from the library.

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Part 1: ‘She had a political impact, a caring impact and she gave me confidence’

Part 2: ‘Speaking Out is The Power’ 

Part 3: ‘It only takes us to sit and not speak to be colluding’

Sarah worked with Helen Jackson from WCML on this project, Walk The Plank’s Ben Turner was production co-ordinator with additional production by Siân Roberts and the episode is introduced by Reece Williams.

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