This album celebrates the 10th anniversary of Tonal. ‘10’ is an eclectic collection of original music and songs, some old, some new. It features singer/ songwriter Claire-Rose Barbier and an ensemble of musicians from the UK and France. This project, in particular, has been a labour of love and friendship. It has been a joy to make and is the product of many years of collaboration. I would like to thank all of you who have inspired and shared this journey with me.

Sarah Llewellyn

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These songs has travelled, walked different paths, dwelled in me for years. It takes a long journey for the voice to appear and sing.

Words carry moods, fights, lights, frustrations, bliss... A humble task for the song-writer to share the intimate calls to the open ears.

I was blessed, on the road, to cross Sarah and then Karen's way.  Listening to them again after passing through their minds and skills, give them another life. They become the voice of all of us...

Claire Barbier

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An acoustic eclectic collection of original music and songs. Echoes of ‘chanson francaise’, playful film music, intimate ballads and a feminist manifesto!

The arrangements and original compositions on this album are realised with a dynamic ensemble of players from the UK and France. Combining and exploring the instrumental colours of voice, violin, piano, marimba, percussion, euphonium, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, flute and melodica this album effortlessly plays with style, genre and mood.

Tonal 10 album production image photos of 6 female musicians In rehearsal by Leah Llewellyn

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Band photo by Leah Llewellyn

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tonal 10 album launch concert female musicians one on musical saw and one on guitar Sarah and Francesca playing at the Tonal album launch


Sarah Llewellyn
Composer, Arranger and Piano, Guitar and Backing Vocals
Claire-Rose Barbier
Songwriter and Lead Vocals, Melodica and Piano on ‘Pirogues’
Karen Hutt
Composer, Arranger and Drums, Percussion and Backing Vocals
Gaynor Winstanley
lyricist for ‘Harmonies’

Francesca Simmons
Violin and Backing Vocals
Louise Marsland
Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute
Celine Biewesch
Euphonium, Percussion and Backing Vocals
Christine Bottine
Vocals on ‘La-Haut’.

Music recorded and engineered by David Tinson, assisted by Joe Smith

Photos and films by Leah Llewellyn

Thank you to all our backers!

We ran a successful crowd funding campaign to record this album and we could not have made this without the generous support of our backers. THANK YOU – This album is dedicated to YOU. In addition to the physical gifts we sent to our backers we wrote and recorded new material for the album launch. We want to share one of these songs.

Gaynor Winstanley: Lyrics & vocals. Sarah Llewellyn: Music & piano. Louise Marsland: Saxophone

The song Harmonies which is on this album was written with my mum (lyrics), it is inspired by and dedicated to her mum. This duet version is stripped back with just piano accompaniment and renamed 'Mama'.

Sarah Llewellyn

Gaynor Winstanley: Lyrics & vocals. Sarah Llewelyn: music, vocals & piano. Recorded by Sam Parkinson, Stonegate Studios

Sarah recording with Karen at the door
music rehearsal piano and female musicians
in rehearsals
female singing with microphone
Gaynor singing for recording of 'seconds'
Claire and Sarah in rehearsal