...environmental catastrophe has overtaken us because we live with our eyes wide shut

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

A new play commissioned by the RSC as part of the 2017 Mischief Festival at The Other Place.

By Kirsty Housley and Matt Hartley

Directed by Erica Whyman,

Music by Sarah Llewellyn 

Designed by Rosanna Vize

In one wine-fuelled evening, two couples debate their materialistic lifestyle. As their dinner party descends into chaos, their friendship and their lives are irreparably changed. A play about those things we don’t want to see or say.

RSC‘s The Other Palace, spring/summer 2017.


Rebecca Humphries – Herta
Lena Kaur – Clare
Thomas Magnussen – Fritjof


Jimmy Jones – Percussion
Matthew Forbes – Cello
Tom Ford – Recording Engineer

Rebecca Humphries, Photo by Sarah Ainslie

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Sarah in rehearsals, Photo by Sarah Ainslie

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