The Earthworks

A new play commissioned by the RSC as part of the 2017 Mischief Festival at The Other Place


by Tom Morton-Smith, Directed by Erica Whyman,

Music by Sarah Llewellyn Designed by Rosanna Vize

On the eve of the activation of the Large Hadron Collider, two strangers – a journalist and a scientist – share their experiences of loss and hope in a funny but deeply touching one-act play. Performance run at the RSC‘s The Other Palace, spring/summer 2017.


Rebecca Humphries – Herta
Lena Kaur – Clare
Thomas Magnussen – Fritjof


Jimmy Jones – Percussion
Matthew Forbes – Cello
Tom Ford – Recording Engineer


production photo by Topher McGrillis © RSC

recording Jim waterphone

Recording session photo by Bruce O’Neil


  • ‘…quiet heroism.’

    ‘..this small, often funny play focusing on two fragile people rubbing up against each other at a moment of change has its own quiet heroism….raising questions about the limits of knowledge and our capacity to face up to the future. Oh, and who wouldn’t love a play that uses a custard fight to explain mass?’

    Lyn Gardner, The Guardian