Sarah is an extraordinary collaborator - enhancing the creative force of the piece and holding the performers in passion, rigour and care. Her work is distinctive, layered and cohesive - she is able to grow a language out of the piece that speaks to its themes and underpins the dramaturgical journey of the play

Director - Sophie Dillon Moniram

Suffocating in a life void of passion, a young woman longs for a child but is tormented by the social stigma of being in a childless marriage. As she desperately turns to unconventional sources for answers, her controversial actions send shockwaves through her community. Performed at the Milton Court Theatre, Barbican London. 2023


photo by David Monteith Hodge

The Music

Sarah’s score infused this production throughout. The chorus vocalising in harmony reflecting, responding and breathing with the moods and themes within the play.

Rich in texture the music and song ranged from delicate solo a cappella folk melodies to experimental vocal soundscapes.  Large scale pulsating choral pieces framed the work and rhythmically drove the transitions. Sarah explored various vocal techniques, some subtle, gently underscoring the spoken word and others where the performers had to powerfully fill the space with open throats, cries and guttural sound.

The score also featured live on stage instruments and electronic elements incorporating tuned glass, pre recorded strings and percussion.

Yerma cast, creatives and crew by DM Hodge
photo by David Monteith Hodge


written by Federico García Lorca
adapted by Ursula Rani Sarma

Sophie Dillon Moniram director

Sarah Llewelyn composer/music director

Dora Schweitzer set & costume designer

Jess Williams movement director

Annemette Verspeak company voice work

Elizabeth Laurence assistant director

Joe McKenna lighting designer

Jan Robotycki sound designer

Sandy McGregor video designer

photo by David Monteith Hodge


Yerma Nina Cassells

Juan / Ensemble Evan Silverstein

Victor / Moon Performer / Ensemble Adil Hassan

Maria / Ensemble Esther O’Casey

Old Woman / Ensemble Isobel Akuwudike

Dolores/ Ensemble MC Bury

Old Woman / Ensemble Emelie Dahlskog

Girl 1 / 2nd Woman / Ensemble Bethany Wooding

Girl 2 / Ensemble Ruby Thompson

3rd Woman / Sun Performer / Ensemble V Lamont Gillies

4th Woman / 2nd Sister / Ensemble Anabella O’Gorman

5th Woman / 1st Sister / Ensemble Marianna Scott