Timberlake Wertenbaker’s new translation of Jean Racine’s chef-d’oeuvre.
The gripping Natural Perspectives and Wilton’s Music Hall critically acclaimed production directed by Irina Brown with soundscapes by Sarah Llewellyn.

By Jean Racine
Natural Perspective & Wiltons Music Hall Autumn 2011

Translation by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by Irina Brown
Musical soundscapes by Sarah Llewellyn
Designer Chloe Lamford

Desire. Power. Ambition. Politics
An ambitious mother. A rebellious son.
An orphaned heir to the throne of Rome.
Part political thriller, part family drama, Britannicus depicts twenty-four hours in the life of Emperor Nero that were to change the course of Roman history.



  • ‘It makes for a fantastically volatile production, which leaves one glued to the actors’ eyes, desperate for clues as to who will turn, and in what direction, next’.
    **** Miriam Gillinson, Time Out – full review

    ‘The well-spoken production moves swiftly onward revealing its characters’ Byzantine scheming, scenes sometimes separated by Sarah Lewellyn’s cacophonous music and sound that stridently sustain its momentum’
    **** Howard Loxton, The British Theatre Guide – Full review

    Sian Thomas‘ Agrippina is fabulously venomous and deceitful, her commanding posture saying it all.
    Matthew Needham‘s Nero is similarly gripping – vicious and childlike all in one, his psyche impossible to penetrate.’
    **** Miriam ZendleWhats On Stage – Full review

    ‘Once shunned by the British theatre, Racine is edging back into fashion. It is well worth the detour to London’s East End to catch Irina Brown’s modern-dress revival of this austere 1669 masterpiece. . .’
    ****Michael BillingtonGuardian – Full review