Leah Olwen Llewellyn

Researcher and documentary film maker. Co-founder of Tonal.

Leah is an anthropologist, film maker, photographer and researcher. She is skilled in digital editing, film and sound recording and produces promotional documentary films for artists and musicians in the UK and abroad. Leah is inspired by the relationship between performance and society and cultural influences in the arts.

Most of the photographs and many of the short films on this site are by Leah. She production managed the original launch of the company and the 10 years of Tonal album ’10’ launch. She recently recorded her daughter Lily as the voice of Eva for the ZARA production and previously recorded the soundtrack for Oscar and Jim and Caravan. Leah also uses original Tonal recordings in her films for The Reach Another Foundation and for Manchester City Council.

Leah’s ‘Making Of’ film of The Tonal Album ’10’

The ‘Making of Tonal 10’ from Leah Llewellyn on Vimeo.

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Leah’s promo for The Saturday Book.

Her previous employment with Sky News offered a unique vantage point to explore international current affairs and gain technical skills. She continued to work freelance for Sky News whilst on her undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology at SOAS, where she graduated with honours, she was awarded a place on the highly competitive Research Master’s program at the African Studies Centre in the Netherlands. She gained funding to complete six-months of ethnographic field-research on circus performance in Ethiopia and was awarded with a distinction for her thesis: Juggling Agendas: Circus in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia Leah worked with Circus Debre Berhan, Circus Awassa, One Love Theatre and the Theatre Studies department at Addis Ababa Universtity. She continues to work in Ethiopia for The Reach Another Foundation.

What’s in a name? from Leah Llewellyn on Vimeo.

Involved in:

  • Album 10

    Tonal celebrates 10 years with a new album ’10’ by Sarah Llewellyn, Claire-Rose Barbier and The Tonal Ensemble

  • Circus Ethiopia

    Collaboration with Circus Debre Birhan in Ethiopia

  • The Saturday Book

    ALBUM OUT NOW – Giffords Circus’ 2012 show, directed by Cal McCrystal. Composer and musical director Sarah Llewellyn led a 10 piece live band with a toe-tapping and tantalizing score to accompany Giffords’ most glamorous show.

  • Oscar & Jim

    A new film by Anchovy Pictures. Set in the Paris graveyard, this is a wonderfully bizarre comedy following theself-discovery of two lovers in a Parisian necropolis. First Prize Winner of Rhode Island International Film Festival for best short film.

  • Caravan

    The spectacular and magical Giffords Circus recruited Sarah Llewellyn as musical director for their critically acclaimed 2008 show, ‘Caravan’.