Claire Barbier

Songwriter and Vocalist

Claire-Rose Barbier was born in 1982. She lives and works in Paris.

Since graduating from the Beaux Arts of Paris ( MA Fine Art), she dedicates her time between music and sculpture. She is a regular musician of the French band La Fanfare Suivante and has just finished touring as one of the lead singers in Orchestra Pirouette, “one of the liveliest and most eclectic bands of the moment”.

Sarah and Claire met at the circus and she was a featured musician for the scores for Caravan, Yasmine a Musical, War and Peace @ the Circus and ‘The Saturday Book’ Claire and Sarah co wrote the song, Moscow Deserte for War & Peace @ the Circus.

Sarah and Claire continue to collaborate and created the album ’10’ together. 

Tonal 10 Digital Release from Leah Llewellyn on Vimeo.

In parallel, she keeps practicing sculpture. Her latest exhibition was titled Avant les Chiens and was held at the Eponia Art Centre, in Villiers sur Marne, France in January 2014. She is currently on a residency in Senegal for 3 months.

To learn more about Claire’s work, visit her website.

Involved in:

  • Album 10

    Tonal celebrates 10 years with a new album ’10’ by Sarah Llewellyn, Claire-Rose Barbier and The Tonal Ensemble

  • The Saturday Book

    ALBUM OUT NOW – Giffords Circus’ 2012 show, directed by Cal McCrystal. Composer and musical director Sarah Llewellyn led a 10 piece live band with a toe-tapping and tantalizing score to accompany Giffords’ most glamorous show.

  • War and Peace @ the Circus

    Giffords Circus’ sensational 2011 adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace @ the Circus toured England and Wales for 5 months. A fantastic 15 piece live band drove the action with an original and vibrant score by Sarah Llewellyn.

  • Yasmine a Musical

    The sell-out 2010 Giffords Circus production ‘Yasmine a Musical’ toured around South England and Wales from May to mid September featuring a swinging new score written by Sarah Llewellyn with lyrics by Gaynor Winstanley

  • Caravan

    The spectacular and magical Giffords Circus recruited Sarah Llewellyn as musical director for their critically acclaimed 2008 show, ‘Caravan’.