Sarah Lewellyn

Sarah Llewellyn is the founder and artistic director of Tonal.

She is a composer and music director who writes for theatre, film, circus and radio projects throughout the UK and internationally. She is skilled in composition, arrangement, sound design and music production.

Sarah has an extensive track record working in education and community projects devising new work and leading practical workshops. She studied with composer Diana Burrell at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama graduating in 2002.

‘Sarah is a terrific collaborator. She responded to Oscar & Jim instinctively and created a beautiful and unique suite for the film, helping us fit it together with the pictures. She’s fun to work with – and she’s fast.’

Iain Weatherby, Writer and Director, Film Oscar and Jim

“I have worked with a number of extremely talented composers, several of whom are now renowned in the field of music for film and TV, few of whom have understood the peculiarities of composing for live theatre as well as Sarah. She is a talented musician and a perceptive, problem solving collaborator who really ‘gets it. Her work both on Much Ado and Giffords Circus, and latterly for our Edinburgh show The Fall of Man, has shown many different stylistic gear changes, and her underscoring beautifully supports the images onstage, sometimes cleverly bringing unexpected melodic components to the work which throw the content into stark relief. She is not an easy listening style composer who creates the predictable. She is infinitely creative and a wonderful colleague.”
Jonathan Holloway, Artistic Director Red Shift Theatre CompanyArtistic Associate Giffords Circus (2008).

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