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Tonal is 10!

Posted on September 21, 2015 by sarah

Apologies for not updating this page  in a while. It’s been a busy time. Last summer  we launched a successful kick-starter campaign to create, record and produce a new album. We had a fantastic live launch in London this summer […]

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Extract from Jour de Soleil, track 1 from the album 10.
song by Claire-Rose Barbier
arr. by Sarah Llewellyn

Moscow Deserte

Extracts from a bawdy, raucous French Cabaret number illustrating the French & Napoleon occupying a deserted, burning Moscow 

Vagues – Extracts from demo

French song, bright, bouncy vocals with piano, tuba and violin, lead vocalist Claire Barbier and Christine Bottine song by Barbier, arranged by Tonal

La Grognasse – Extract Demo

Extract from upbeat quirky French number by Claire Barbier, demo arranged, performed and produced by Tonal

La-haut – Extracts from demo

Beautiful French song by Barbier and Tonal. Delicate guitar, violin harmonics and light hand held percussion accompany.

Jour de Soleil

Chanson by Claire Barbier, arranged and produced by Tonal demo recording

J’attends – Extracts from demo

French, quirky, forward movement, march style, Barbier/ Tonal

Houses – Extracts from demo

Broad lyrical vocals, meditative and minimal, Barbier/ Tonal

Karen Hutt

Posted on April 22, 2012 by sarah

Arranger, Assistant Orchestrator & Percussionist – Co-founder of Tonal

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