Weapons of Happiness

The revival of Howard Brenton’s at the Finborough Theatre with music by Sarah Llewellyn

Finborough Theatre 2008, London

Writer Howard Brenton
Director Nathan Curry
Composer Sarah Llewellyn
Designer Alistair Turner
Assistant Director Natasha Pryce

The first ever revival of the audacious epic drama by one of the UK’s most celebrated modern playwrights, with an outstanding cast including Hilton McRae, Olivier Award winner Benjamin Davies and Tony Award nominee Hayward Morse.

Other Collaborations with Natasha Pryce: Beau Edele, Who Will Carry The Word?, Airswimming, Weapons of Happiness












  • . . this piece progresses at a pretty unrelenting pace in keeping with the strength of the writing. The staging makes the best use of the tight space and the stark set from Alistair Turner provides a suitably bleak environment, which is reflected in the lighting design of Paul Bull. The combination results in disturbing, stripped down scenes, where we are left without the protection or distraction of props or complicated scene changes. Some comfort is afforded by musical accompaniments composed by Sarah Llewellyn, but these can equally contribute to the darker atmosphere’.
    Review by Sandra Giorgetti (2008) for The British Theatre Guide

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