Much Ado About Nothing

The haunting compositions of composer Sarah Llewellyn, hummed, sung and played live by the multi-talented cast..... In a stroke of genius the well-known ‘Sigh no more, ladies’ is turned into a modern club anthem. The best version of this song that I’ve ever heard, it is worthy of any current song-and-dance pop-group and would surely hit the heights if released as a single

Wendy Attwell for the Shakespeare Revue

A modern adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing set in war torn nineties Sarajevo. This absorbing ensemble production emphasises the real meat of the text with its threatening atmosphere of humiliation, revenge and the startling brutality that lives behind the smiling mask of Shakespeare’s Sicily.


by William Shakespeare
Directed and adapted by Jonathan Holloway
Composer Sarah Llewellyn
Designer William Fricker
Director of Physical comedy Alan Digweed (Tweedy)
Assistant Director Natasha Pryce

Cast Nigel Francis, Dean Leply, Fleur Medi Owen, Chris Porter, Rebecca Pownall and Simon Spencer-Hyde

Red Shift Theatre UK tour Oct 07- April 08

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