Faber Media Music Academy

Music composed and produced for the Faber Media Music Academy.
Writing for documentaries, film, animation and drama.

recording Faber

Faber Music Academy. Recording at Royal Academy of Music. Llewellyn & The Azalea Ensemble

Here are the briefs for the music on the left column:

The ‘Body Farm’
Opening music for a drama, setting scene of a murder seguing into remote rural peaceful farm location.

Butterflies: For a BBC Africa series
This is a magical, light place with a twist of disney-esque magic.
Think a fantasy, mystery land. We need to get a sense of the butterflies journeying to the top and then a real build to the spectacle.

G8 Summit Documentary Brief

Brief 1: Tax Evasion: A United FrontBig issues
Brief 2: Big issues: The Leaders Convene.

Clip from a BBC documentary about Dickens with Derek Jacobi.