A Tale of Two Cities

Overlapping language links together like a constant song. Voices rest atop dramatic violins and dialogue builds up into a haunting refrain sung pitch perfect by the actors, in between scenes to indicate the passing of time.

Jessica Baxter (Edfringe)

A Tale of Two Cities: Blood for Blood

A ‘thrilling production’ for stage by Jonathan Holloway with a ‘beautiful and mesmerising ‘ original score and sound design by Sarah Llewellyn.

Performed in Hong Kong at the Jockey Club and the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016. The show has been translated into Cantonese and was performed with a Hong Kong cast in spring 2023. More about this production here

Show Teaser


Written and directed by Jonathan Holloway
Produced by Chung Ying Theatre
Music. sound design and music direction by Sarah Llewellyn
Designed by Neil Irish

Sarah produced a dynamic electro-acoustic score combining live vocals on stage, with  pre-recorded music and sound design. Featuring Francesca Simmons on violin and musical saw. “the scene changes via singing chorus and the sound design were absolutely mesmerising”

Sarah Llewellyn’s haunting vocal score, sung by the cast at intervals throughout the narrative, gives the sense of powerful forces at work – love, revenge, and civil unrest – unstoppably driving events down a devastating path

Simon Fearn for Litro Magazine

The scene changes via singing chorus and the sound design (credit to Sarah Llewellyn) were absolutely mesmerising. Enhancing the ensemble energy, it was excellently paced and was an exercise in aural spaces, filling the theatre with ominous feeling and anticipation…..the captivating story that leaves you with a hauntingly bittersweet echo of romance and tragedy.

Joe Optimistik

Tale of Two Cities, Chung Ying Theatre production picture. Woman singing through microphone in low atmospheric light.


Voices echo from the back of the stage, haunting music punctuates the action and subtly changing lighting takes us to dark places

4 * Stephen Bates for thereviewshub

The piece is beautifully underscored …. subtle and eloquent and is the perfect setting to the performance

5 * Caragh Aylett for Edfringe

A Tale of Two Cities Production poster. Man reflected in the water Director Jonathan Holloway Composer Sarah Llewellyn Chung Ying Theatre
sounds of broken hearts resound in the amphitheatre. Music is also integral in this adaptation. Sarah Llewellyn, who is the Composer and Sound designer, has created a electric-acoustic score; ‘with distinctive music helping to illustrate the passing of time and the journeys within the play’. .. It is soft and captivating. The actors themselves performing the vocal chorus on the edges of the stage….This is an expertly devised adaptation …… It is refreshingly staged and emotionally gripping

Jutine Denning for hkELD