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Are You Dancing?

Extract from live recording of Q and A sequence setting the scene for romance on the dance floor lead vocals Emily Seal, words Gaynor Winstanley,  music Sarah Llewellyn


‘Two Step’ love song in 40’s crooning style, vocals Claire Barbier, words Gaynor Winstanley,  music Sarah Llewellyn

Vagues – Extracts from demo

French song, bright, bouncy vocals with piano, tuba and violin, lead vocalist Claire Barbier and Christine Bottine song by Barbier, arranged by Tonal

Bibi and Bichu

Extracts from swing band piece with scat vocals, music by Llewellyn and Hutt, lyrics by Winstanley


Who is she?

Ou est le Nooh?

Vocals by Stacey Roca with music by Sarah Llewellyn and Karen Hutt written for the Tonal launch

Deo Gracias

Setting of latin text ‘Deo Gracias sung by Eileen Hulse

La Grognasse – Extract Demo

Extract from upbeat quirky French number by Claire Barbier, demo arranged, performed and produced by Tonal

Scat Chant

Fun lively chant with nonsense words by G Winstanley & S Llewellyn

Welcome to the Pool of Blood – Extracts from live recording

Extracts from live recording, musical theatrical number from The Pool of Blood

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