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Wind Singer demo extracts

The Wind Singer new musical in development

Harmonies-Extracts from Album ’10’

A ballad/ love song for mothers
words by Gaynor Winstanley
music by Sarah Llewellyn
sung by Claire-Rose Barbier

La Grognasse-Extract-Album 10

Extract from La Grognasse, from the album 10.
an upbeat, playful and lively arrangement of Claire-Rose Barbier’s
feminist manifesto!


Extract from Jour de Soleil, track 1 from the album 10.
song by Claire-Rose Barbier
arr. by Sarah Llewellyn

Scat Song

Jazzy, fun scat number performed by the Gifford’s Band, with music Sarah Llewellyn & Karen Hutt & lyrics  Gaynor Winstanley

Vagues-Extracts from Album ’10’

playful chanson by Claire-Rose Barbier
‘a last dance’, sweet waltz with flute, violin, guitar, piano and brass accompany

Moscow Deserte

Extracts from a bawdy, raucous French Cabaret number illustrating the French & Napoleon occupying a deserted, burning Moscow 

Hey Nonny Nonny

Up beat ‘Euro-pop’ version of Shakespeare’s Hey Nonny Nonny’ music by Sarah Llewellyn and Karen Hutt, sung by Fleur Medy Owen

Doves of Peace

Extracts from a song inspired by and paying tribute to the ‘Russian Romance’ tradition, solo violin Francesca Simmons, piano James Keay, cello P Callow, company singing music by Sarah Llewellyn & Karen Hutt, lyrics by Kit Hesketh-Harvey


Long Long Book

Extract from quirky chastushki inspired song for War and Peace musical. Performed by the Giffords Circus company with lyrics by Kit Hesketh-Harvey


Sung by Stacey Roca for Tonal’s Live Launch in collaboration with Tonal. Love song with mellow strings

Pardon Goddess

Sung by Dean Leply

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