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Extract from minimalist symphonic work ‘Reconcile’ extract

Dogberry Theme

An extract from Red Shift Theatre’s production of Much Ado About Nothing 

Epic Love

Epic orchestral soaring introduction

Chinese Globe

Percussion, recorder and fiddle evoke echoes of the Orient, live recording

Leaders Convene

Epic, orchestral, thematic, sense of grandeur


Emotive overture for strings and french horn

Epic Love Extracts

Some of the more epic themes from A Short Epic Love Story, a film set on the set of Cleopatra. Performed by the Macedonian Orchestra Fames Project.

General Musical Showreel

A selection of music by Sarah Llewellyn

Quirky and Jaunty – Extracts

Some extracts from film A Short Epic Love Story. Sophia’s theme performed by the Macedonia orchestra Fames Project.

Lost Love – Extracts

Some of the more intimate love themes from A Short Epic Love Story performed by the Macedonian orchestra Fames Project.

The Saturday Book Musical Showreel

Selection of music composed by Sarah Llewellyn and Karen Hutt, Recorded at Steve Winwood’s Studio by James Towler.

War and Peace Showreel


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