Electro-acoustic and soundscapes

Excerpts of our compositions can be heard by selecting individual tracks or searching by genre by using these buttons:

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Big Reveal

Dramatic build with soaring female vocals

Transition ZARA

Moving Anticipation Strings, Keys & Percussion

Giant Dummy

Quirky playful & bouncy movement

The Scarlet Pimpernel BBC radio Drama extracts

Bed Scene

Music to underscore an intimate scene. Uses extended string techniques, phasing and tremolando textures.

Custard Fight

playful & colourful features a waterphone


brittle, ominous underscore

On the Brink

Free, eerie undulating texture, ricochet violin lines, dark bass line

Extract Carton: A Tale of Two Cities

Slow, yearning, emotive music featuring violin and musical saw


broad, moody, colourful soundscape
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Body Farm

Opening music for a drama series, setting scene of a murder seguing into remote rural peaceful farm location

Echos – Roman Feast

A breath of Rome, distant collage of dinner, celebration, music underpinned with darker turning drums into a glassy drone.

Page 1 of 3123