UNTitled Theatre

“contemporary perspectives on old traditions”

UNTitled Theatre are a London based, touring theatre company that creates challenging and exciting contemporary theatre. A theatre company passionate about unearthing forgotten stories, shinning a light on difficult subject matter and telling tales which are affecting, inspiring and surprising.  They are motivated by a need to seek out extraordinary events and unspeakable truths in order to entice you into a world where you can be immersed in a visceral and captivating story-journey. Contemporary perspectives on old traditions Рthey want you complicit as the events unfold.

Sarah collaborated with them on the plays, Who Will Carry the Word¬†& Airswimming. She is currently working on Beau Edele, UNTitled Theatre’s latest production, a tragic story of two lovers in a travelling swing band.

Commissioned by UNTitled Theatre

  • Airswimming

    The first play by acclaimed British playwright Charlotte Jones, Airswimming is based on the true story of two middle-class women sent to an asylum in 1920s and locked away for 50 years.

  • Who Will Carry The Word?

    The UK Premiere of Charlotte Delbo’s play at the Courtyard Theatre, London. A play about 15 French women sent to Auschwitz during World War II