Tweedy the Clown

Comedy Clown

Tweedy is a contemporary vaudeville style clown who performs in theatres, circuses and in TV and film.

Well known for his role in the acclaimed Gifford’s Circus, where he has appeared for several years, Tweedy’s unique style evokes a whimsical, yet natural comic character, inspired by the great silent film clowns.

Tweedy has appeared in other major circus productions, including several years with Zippos Circus, as a comic stuntman at Buffalo Bills Wild West Show at Disneyland Paris & as star clown in a two-year tour of the USA in The Greatest Show On Earth, in the 139th Edition of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ®.

In 2005 The Sunday Telegraph followed Gifford’s Circus and proclaimed “The brilliant Tweedy, a circus clown and true genius had the audience crying with laughter” The Sunday Telegraph

Sarah and Tweedy have worked together on three of Gifford’s Circus shows, Caravan, War & Peace @ the Circus and more recently, The Saturday Book.

Collaborations to date

  • The Saturday Book

    ALBUM OUT NOW – Giffords Circus’ 2012 show, directed by Cal McCrystal. Composer and musical director Sarah Llewellyn led a 10 piece live band with a toe-tapping and tantalizing score to accompany Giffords’ most glamorous show.

  • War and Peace @ the Circus

    Giffords Circus’ sensational 2011 adaptation of Tolstoy’s War and Peace @ the Circus toured England and Wales for 5 months. A fantastic 15 piece live band drove the action with an original and vibrant score by Sarah Llewellyn.

  • Caravan

    The spectacular and magical Giffords Circus recruited Sarah Llewellyn as musical director for their critically acclaimed 2008 show, ‘Caravan’.