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Harmonies-Extracts from Album ’10’

A ballad/ love song for mothers
words by Gaynor Winstanley
music by Sarah Llewellyn
sung by Claire-Rose Barbier

La Grognasse-Extract-Album 10

Extract from La Grognasse, from the album 10.
an upbeat, playful and lively arrangement of Claire-Rose Barbier’s
feminist manifesto!


Extract from Jour de Soleil, track 1 from the album 10.
song by Claire-Rose Barbier
arr. by Sarah Llewellyn

Scat Song

Jazzy, fun scat number performed by the Gifford’s Band, with music Sarah Llewellyn & Karen Hutt & lyrics  Gaynor Winstanley

Vagues-Extracts from Album ’10’

playful chanson by Claire-Rose Barbier
‘a last dance’, sweet waltz with flute, violin, guitar, piano and brass accompany

Moscow Deserte

Extracts from a bawdy, raucous French Cabaret number illustrating the French & Napoleon occupying a deserted, burning Moscow 

Hey Nonny Nonny

Up beat ‘Euro-pop’ version of Shakespeare’s Hey Nonny Nonny’ music by Sarah Llewellyn and Karen Hutt, sung by Fleur Medy Owen

Doves of Peace

Extracts from a song inspired by and paying tribute to the ‘Russian Romance’ tradition, solo violin Francesca Simmons, piano James Keay, cello P Callow, company singing music by Sarah Llewellyn & Karen Hutt, lyrics by Kit Hesketh-Harvey


Long Long Book

Extract from quirky chastushki inspired song for War and Peace musical. Performed by the Giffords Circus company with lyrics by Kit Hesketh-Harvey


Sung by Stacey Roca for Tonal’s Live Launch in collaboration with Tonal. Love song with mellow strings

Pardon Goddess

Sung by Dean Leply

Love Song to Brian the Goose

Piano and ‘tongue-in-cheek’ vocals a la Spike Jones, lead vocals by Claire Barbier, words Gaynor Winstanley &  music Sarah Llewellyn

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