• New score for A Tale of Two Cities: Blood for Blood

  • LATEST TONAL RELEASE album '10' by Sarah Llewellyn, Claire Barbier and the Tonal Ensemble.

  • Sarah Llewellyn - Composer & Artistic Director of Tonal

    Sarah is a composer and music director who writes for theatre, film, circus and performance projects throughout the UK and internationally - Latest news on her Blog

  • Soundtrack album OUT SOON for award winning film A Short Epic About Love

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  • New pieces and recordings now available in the Tonal library

Tonal is a creative music company founded in 2004 by composer Sarah Llewellyn.

Based in London, a select team of composers, orchestrators, songwriters and musicians produce original music and sound for film, theatre, circus, dance and radio projects worldwide.

Tonal runs it’s own independent music label.
Check out our latest album release, “10”.

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